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NYC Outfits

By: Pia Baroncini

October 21, 2022

I love New York the most. Because you asked, here's what I wore.

So we went to NY and got to actually wear cold-weather clothing and dress up. I don’t really go anywhere here - you know we are social of course, but during the day I’m in whatever clothes at home on my computer. Like, right now for example, I’m in the sweats I put on to drop Carmela off at daycare and a baggy shirt cuz like, I didn’t see anyone today, so why not.

But in NY, walking to lunch we ran into, I am not kidding, SEVEN people we knew. I love it. It lights a fire inside me. I just absolutely thrive. I want to see everyone and have 45 meetings and drink all the cocktails. I could rip from 8am until 4am, like, let’s go I’m ready. But I digress, because this post is really about the clothes. So here they are, some cozies and some sexies cuz I was feeling myself.

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This top is a great prize, a great fit, and perfect for all weather because hello, when you take your coat and sweater off in a bar or restaurant you want to wear something cute in that hot ass bar or restaurant.

This sweater is perfect.

products/IMG_4701.png products/IMG_4701.png
Isabel Marant Étoile
Gali Pullover Sweater

This coat is perfect.

products/IMG_4703.png products/IMG_4703.png
Isabel Marant Étoile
Lojima Coat

This dress is UNREAL. I wore knee high boots and the above coat and felt like Audrey Hepburn. It fits wonderfully and I have to say, the fullness of the skirt with the taffeta somehow makes it playful rather than serious.


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    nina | 11.02.2022 | 09:35PM

    love these fits! can you please tell me which trousers you’re wearing with the Isabel Marant coat? Thanks!