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Vacation Outfits Part 1

By: Pia Baroncini

January 21, 2023

per your request

Ok so we went to France to visit one of my best friends, Erin Wasson, and her wonderful husband. They moved to his hometown, Marseilles, so we met them there before we continued on with our trip. We have never explored that part of the French or Italian coast, so it was a nice excuse to do so. OK for the important stuff - outfits. I checked a bag (which I’m not doing for our trip to Italy in September) so I was able to bring a good amount of goodies. I like to pack items that can be rolled up easily. I usually start with my favorite LPA pieces and then add tons of slippy things, cotton dresses and multiple white button downs to wear over swim. I don’t pack “looks”- I do make sure to have tops that can go back to bottoms - but that’s about it. Four pairs of shoes ended up being one too many, but four strong accessories was just right. I never need more than two wraps to go over swim and if its a particularly water-forward trip, four swimsuits!

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its a skirt, try it

products/PNGimage-C5DAE54CCA6F-1.png products/PNGimage-C5DAE54CCA6F-1.png
Donna Skirt
products/PNGimage-74ACBAC117D3-1.png products/PNGimage-74ACBAC117D3-1.png
Wynne Skirt

hello my darlings

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technicolor dream dress?

products/PNGimage-56608B00E596-1.png products/PNGimage-56608B00E596-1.png
Simon Miller
Santos Dress

Dot, Dot, Dot

it's called romance people

products/IMG_1865.png products/IMG_1865.png
Rachel Pally
Linen Syd Dress
products/IMG_1879.png products/IMG_1879.png
Calla 50 Mule

LBD of my dreams

products/IMG_1883.png products/IMG_1883.png
La Robe Saudade

italia forever

products/IMG_1882.png products/IMG_1882.png
Monday Swimwear
Palma Bikini Top
products/IMG_1880.png products/IMG_1880.png
Monday Swimwear
Byron Bikini Bottom

last but not least

products/IMG_1884.png products/IMG_1884.png
products/IMG_1881.png products/IMG_1881.png
Panneaux Skirt


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