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Brand Discovery: INNBEAUTY Project

January 21, 2023

My New Favorite Affordable & Effective Skincare


Ok this is a new series where I introduce a new skincare/makeup line that I discover and LOVE.

You may have come across INNBEAUTY Project while on TikTok, as I did.

I first saw their cute ass lip glazes, then I saw everyone posting about how good the skincare is and that’s all UNDER $50. We love to see it.

So because I’m a good friend, I’ve gone ahead and picked out a few of my favorite products and shared how I use them! Enjoy! & keep reading for a special discount code.

All items are independently selected by yours truly.
*Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

OK first up, let me introduce you to the wonderful Keep It Clean - Hydrating Gel Cleanser.

I love using this because it never strips my skin, and It leaves me feeling refreshed and moisturized. I love using this cleanser at night as it doubles as a great makeup remover too (even waterproof eye makeup - which we all know is a pain to get off).

This bad boy is KEY because it keeps my skin soft, and dare I say…PLUMP as hell. It also has one of my favorite skincare ingredients, VITAMIN C. Oh yes. It’s sooo important to keep a healthy skin barrier, especially living in a big city where the air quality is..how should I say…hmmm.. less than ideal. The ceramides & squalane in 10+10 Moisturizer create a barrier to prevent permeability which helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier and defense. THANK GOD. And we all know that I have an on-again, off-again relationship with Melasma, so I love any product with vitamin C to help with that. I put this on after cleansing and before my sunscreen.

Alright, rounding out my INNBEAUTY Project skincare faves is the magical SLUSHY serum moisturizer.

products/pixelcut_216.png products/pixelcut_216.png
SLUSHY, Serum Moisturizer

It’s basically Paris filter in a bottle. Every time I use this moisturizing serum I’m truly amazed. It’s been essentially filtering away any of my pores and dull skin. And what’s so unique about SLUSHY is that it can be used as a serum, moisturizer or both. So whenever I’m in a super rush (or just feeling lazy) I use my SLUSHY and feel fine knowing it’s taking care of business. MY HOT TIP: I like to keep it in the fridge to get extra cooling & refreshing benefits.

The one, the only - Lip Glazes.

products/pixelcut_213.png products/pixelcut_213.png
Lip Glaze Vault- 9 Pc Bundle

These are what initially drew me in. Their viral lip oils can be found all over TikTok. They’re truly the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look. Super glossy without ever being sticky or greasy. They’re the perfect amount of pigment for me too. My favorite shade has been the Berry Jam. The variety pack is also a fabulous option, and a perfect stocking stuffer.

And because I love you - be sure to use my code: PIA15 for 15% off.

INNBEAUTY Project is a female founded skincare brand that can be found in all Sephora stores nationwide / Sephora.com or on INNBEAUTYProject.com [innbeautyproject.com]. They’re clean, effective skincare without breaking the bank. Accessible price points, but formulas that stand up to the best of the best skin care out there - which we love.



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