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Furtuna Forever

By: Pia Baroncini

October 06, 2022

Farm-To-Face Beauty Through Innovation

Being in Sicily at the start of the Furtuna Skin olive harvest season was kismet. La Furtuna Estate is an organic & sustainable family farm, right where their potent products originate. their biphase oil gives my skin an instant glow while keeping me hydrated + moisturized in a single step.

Vitamin C and beautiful Chickory helps with natural collagen production. It plumps, and it helps replenish your natural skin moisture barrier. If you noticed I was extra glowy on my Italy trip, it's becase I doused myself in the biphase oil.

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In case you missed my packing essentials post, these Furtuna Minis are much more affordable than full size, so I always recommend buying the minis to test the products.

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Furtuna Skin
Custom Discovery Set

You seriously can't go wrong with this custom discovery set. Or literally any Furtuna Skin products.

xx Pia