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GRWM: Pool Day

By: Pia Baroncini

June 20, 2023

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So the goal of this look is to have just enough coverage that my melasma isn't on full display but not too much because then I'd be sweating orange.

Okay so first step, I mix these two products from Kosas (Glow IV and DreamBeam sunscreen). This provides SPF and also evens out my skin and gives me a dewy base. I then add a hint of the Merit concealer stick and blend it out with a beautyblender. I liked using a sponge for concealer because it gives a really natural finish.

I am OBSESSED with this Victoria Beckham bronzing brick. It has two colors so you can blend for your perfect match and it provides a really subtle, natural contour. I rec putting it on your eyelids for extra definition.

Another current obsession is the Saie Glow Sculpt. I packed this randomly (never used it before the trip - I packed a lot of random shit which is likely why my suitcase was so overweight) but honestly best mistake. This blush has the perfect amount of pigment.

I got my brows tinted and laminated before my trip (highly rec, you can also do it yourself with this kit), so I just pack on some clear brow gel. Then I add this really lightweight RMS powder to the parts of my face that look a bit oily in a not cute way (like my t-zone).

This beauty wand from Charlotte Tilbury is chefs kiss, makes sense that every single child and beauty influencer on TikTok is obsessed with it.

Okay final stretch. And I know this process seems long because I'm talking about it but the routine takes like five minutes total, not even.

I'm going in with the Benefit Cosmetics roller lash mascara (I like this set because it comes with a travel-sized version). Just one coat is perfect. I wait a min. for that to dry before going in with a lash curler.

I usually overline with this Victoria Beckham liner (shade 02 here) but I'm only adding a bit inside and blending it in for a pop of color. It's more subtle this way. Then I add the Kosas lip oil (I'm using the shade Unzipped here which is a good nude) which adds shine and a bit of a plumping effect.


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