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My Current Hair Must Haves

By: Pia Baroncini

August 17, 2022

shine takes work.

I used to color my hair. A highlight. A lowlight. The ends were blonde as shit. I would also blow-dry and use a styling tool almost daily. My hair was DAMAGED. So I got hair extensions and wow - that made it a lot worse. It would get tangled and they would get ripped out and just the whole process killed what I had. One day, years ago, I ripped off my gel manicure and pulled off my eyelash and hair extensions and swore I’d never go back. It was time to make my hair HEALTHY again. 

First I cut out heat. It was all about the air-dry. Get used to it. I use the Crown Affair two to get out excess water. Then I removed anything with a sulfate. Later loser - clean only. For shamps and conditioner, I love Crown Affair and Beauty Counter. Next, mask up. I love the Crown Affair mask of course, as well as the Palmers Coconut Protein Pack. It’s a life changer at $2 a pop. Both of these deep conditioners I can’t live without. Since I don’t wash my hair everyday, a nice clean dry shampoo is my go to - and obvs it's Crown Affair. Hair clips, scrunchies and anything from Slip is your friend as they don’t pull your hair. Hair ties are your enemy. And finally, you need a clean scalp. Nutrafol Root Purifier Scalp Shampoo and Build-Up Blocker are a WOW. You feel the difference instantly. I also love the Goop G.Tox Himalayan Scalp Scrub Shampoo, and so does Davide. The tingle is so good for circulation. I also LOVE an all natural moment with some Apple Cigar Vinegar and baking soda. I get an itchy scalp at the nape of my neck that I often itch into scabs and this heals it right up. ACV helps seal the hair cuticle to defrizz and give shine. But only use ON THE SCALP and don’t use baking soda if your hair is really dry, it can cause damage. If you wanna be that bitch, the Nutrafol Growth Activatior Hair Serum is UNREAL. 

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Next it was all about the insides. Moon Juice Super Hair and Nutrafol are your best friends. I didn’t lose any hair postpartum and I swear its because of Nutrafol. And finally, protein and fats in your diet. Anything with Omega-3s like avocado, fatty fish and chia seeds. I swear, when I consume a lot of chia seeds my hair just THRIVES. Our hair is made of protein, so eggs and lean protein are your friend. Oysters have zinc that help with fullness. Legumes have zinc, iron, and biotin! Biotin is also found in almonds and walnuts. Collagen from powder or bone broth provides strength. Citrus has vitamin c, and leafy green veggies are rich in antioxidants that protect you from free radicals that kill naturally occurring collagen. Seaweed has tons of iodine which helps with thyroid and of course sweet potatoes are beta carotene, the precursor for vitamin A. Just eat good yummies babies. 

I brush my hair every night before I go to bed upside down, and then wrap it in a nice silk scrunchies so it doesn't get tangled.