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Pia's Gift Guides: Under $200

By: Pia Baroncini

November 11, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of Pia's Gift Guides.

All items are independently selected by yours truly.
*Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

This book is just an absolute classic.

products/pixelcut_33_e871f1a0-71b6-466e-9255-8ea1313c222d.png products/pixelcut_33_e871f1a0-71b6-466e-9255-8ea1313c222d.png
Amalfi Coast

This is a such a great gift for any avid reader (price below is for 12 month plan).

products/pixelcut_72_5b35a367-315a-4743-ba3c-c84f2729ba70.png products/pixelcut_72_5b35a367-315a-4743-ba3c-c84f2729ba70.png
Book of the Month
Book of the Month

The most beautiful book by Richard and Flamingo Estate.

Did you know that these are the absolute best candles in the world?

For your foodie friend…

products/pixelcut_92.png products/pixelcut_92.png
Regalis Foods
Murasaki Uni Tray

These are life changing and such a great gift for someone who loves to cook and needs an intro to clean products

products/pixelcut_122.png products/pixelcut_122.png
Minis Duo

I have these and they make me feel so adult and chic.

I LOVE vintage dining napkins. They make such a special gift for people who love to entertain.

I love buying Uggs as presents.

For anyone who loves to garden this is the BEST set

and another for the beauty enthusiast

products/pixelcut_24_1e780b51-aded-421a-bd68-0b7c7f382d63.png products/pixelcut_24_1e780b51-aded-421a-bd68-0b7c7f382d63.png
Furtuna Skin
Hydrate and Glow Set


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