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Ti Amo, Italia Gift Guide

By: Pia Baroncini

December 07, 2022

OK so growing up American-Italian, my dad always LOVED gifts that were themed around Italy... so here’s a lil gift guide to show those you love a lil extra amore this year. 

All items are independently selected by yours truly.
*Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

products/pixelcut_5_8915afb7-c2c7-45fa-b89d-2550b48e52e1.png products/pixelcut_5_8915afb7-c2c7-45fa-b89d-2550b48e52e1.png
Acqua di Parma
Buongiorno Candle

products/pixelcut_6_70595a17-c497-4c53-acfa-98cef32fe366.png products/pixelcut_6_70595a17-c497-4c53-acfa-98cef32fe366.png
Great Escapes Italy


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