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If you want shiny hair GET THIS shampoo and conditioner combo from Goop. It's from the amino acid line and it seriously cleans my hair so well and makes it shiny and moisturized without feeling greasy. I've struggled with hair loss so I sometimes go back to the Nutrafol shampoo but otherwise this combo is such a win.

Now for the extras. I don't use these prods for every hair wash day, maybe every other. I like the Nutrafol exfoliating mask for summer when I my hair has a lot of build-up from sweat and dry shampoo, especially now that I have the bangs. I also LOVE the Goop Himalayan salt scrub. I expected a normal hair scrub but it's actually more of a clarifying shampoo.

I really massage everything in with a scalp brush (supposed to help with hair growth but even if it doesn't, I'll still use it because it feels so good). Last but not least is the Crown Affair mask which is a really great deep conditioner that doesn't weigh my hair down.

I swapped my shower head for this filtered one from Jolie. I've definitely noticed my hair is a little softer since I started using it and it's meant to filter out chlorine and metals and all the other shit that's in our water. If you want to know more about my long hair journey I wrote about it here. My hair was falling out and so damaged at one point that I said fuck it and rethought my entire routine.

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Jolie Skin Co.
Filtered Showerhead

The Dr. Bronner's soap is so good and it has simple ingredients that don't make my skin feel dry or itchy. I prefer the peppermint version because it's refreshing especially if you're a morning/afternoon shower person like I am. The Goop glow body polish is also SO fucking good, exfoliates my skin and makes it super soft without irritating it. I've tried other exfoliators but always go back to this one because it has a foamy consistency and lathers really nicely (I hate when scrubs feel like they're stuck to my skin). And last but not least, The Honey Pot rose wash. PH-balancing and no irritation. Not much to say other than ladies I highly recommend.

I have breakouts on my back and chest sometimes (especially in summer) and the Soft Services clearing clay and buffing bar help keep my skin clear. I've also heard good stuff about the Paula's Choice extra strength clearing treatment and it's next on my lineup of things to try.

And finally, post-shower I love the Necessaire body lotion and I'll use the serum too when my skin is extra dry. This body oil for Costa Brazil is GORGEOUS before I go out to dinner or whatever because it has a subtle golden sheen.

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The Body Serum
$36* $45*
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The Body Lotion
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Costa Brazil
Sol Sunlight Body Oil
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Soft Services
Clearing Clay
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Soft Services
Buffing Bar