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What I wore to workout this month

By: Pia Baroncini

January 20, 2023

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Cute shit I wore this month that made me feel great while doing what makes me feel great. 

Scalloped pieces from Marysia - I also added similar styles without the scallops (in case you hate them).

I'm obsessed with everything from Live the Process. I added what im wearing but also similar pieces that are just as cute.

products/pixelcut_321.png products/pixelcut_321.png
Live The Process
Jet Bra
products/pixelcut_109.png products/pixelcut_910.png
Live The Process
Jet Legging
files/PNGimage-8604C80D7512-1.png files/PNGimage-8604C80D7512-1.png
Live The Process
Cut Out Bodysuit Jumpsuit

I swear by this brand and this jumpsuit.

products/PNGimage-132950B246BF-1.png products/PNGimage-132950B246BF-1.png
Live The Process
Cut Out Bodysuit Jumpsuit
products/pixelcut_182.png products/pixelcut_182.png
Live The Process
Geometric High-Rise Leggings
products/pixelcut_614.png products/pixelcut_614.png
Live The Process
Reverie Bodysuit Jumpsuit

These are from Year of Ours, I also recommend any shorts from girlfriend collective.