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My Little Coffee Station.

By: Pia Baroncini

October 25, 2023

And all my “please help me function” favs.

I love this little station. I have all my goodies in one place.

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Sometimes I take a coffee break and do matcha, or sometimes I’m a savage and cut out caffeine all together, but I still like a warm morning drink as a vessel for the Moon Juice Brain Dust. I use real whole milk or raw milk/cream in my coffee - controversial I know. I don’t fast anymore, so I like to add a buncha stuff in my coffee rather than immediately eat something, therefore, milk and collagen it is.

I always love a couple drops of vanilla stevia too. I use Bulletproof grounds in the espresso machine and Davide uses real espresso, of course. 


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  • J
    Joanna | 03.29.2023 | 10:28PM

    Hey Pia where’s your coffee cup and saucer from?