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Pia Plate: End of Summer Edition

By: Pia Baroncini

September 30, 2023

Welcome to the world of Pia Plates.

This term was coined by my friend Amanda - unbeknownst to me she and a couple others had been calling the lunch plates I put together Pia Plates, and that’s because they are easily identifiable. The secret is that I pretty much buy the same groceries every week, so it’s a combo of a variation of the same things - a salad or veggie, a protein, maybe a lil sauerkraut moment and some sort of carb situation. All summer I’ve been making this garlicky kale salad and this chicken tarragon salad and just keeping them in the fridge. So, here’s my little end of summer version for you all. This chicken salad isn’t tangy - no pickles or mustard - it’s just super simple so it can go with anything else in your fridge.

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Chicken Salad

• Boiled chicken breast

• Fresh herb of your choice, I used tarragon but parsley is also so good

• Mayo of some sort, I like Primal Foods the best

• Celery for some crunch

Directions: Literally just mix it up to your taste!!!

Kale Salad

• Kale of choice

• Good olive oil - Baroncini DUH

• Lemon

• Garlic

Directions: OK first, add the lemon and olive oil to a bowl and add some garlic that you can just chop into chunks. I like to let it marinate for a bit and then I remove the garlic chunks. If you wanna smash the garlic in there doit! But this is a bit easier on your tummy. Then chop up the kale and promise me you’ll massage the hell out of it. Mix them together! It’s nice to let it sit for a few minutes, maybe even 15, before you serve it. xx

Pia Plate Uniform


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