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Pia Plate: Ground Turkey

By: Pia Baronchini

May 17, 2023

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to lunches and one of the easiest things to make is ground turkey mixed with other produce in my fridge. I make this at least once a week. It's great because this meal gets your veggies, protein, some carbs, and a lot of fiber. It's super satisfying and really filling and energizing. I've also been into gardening and picking my ingredients, like mint, fresh from my backyard which has been game-changing.

I've also been cycle syncing which is basically adding certain foods to your meal depending on what phase you're in. I'm in the luteal phase so I tossed in add-ons like chickpeas and sunflower seeds for extra fiber. Anyway, here's how I make this quick lunch.


-Ground turkey

-A little bit of onion and whatever veggies are in your fridge (I had a bell pepper)

-Garlic (I always add a shit ton)

-Fresh parsley and mint (a little secret of mine)

-A small tomato, very finely chopped so that the consistency doesn't become soupy or watery

-I added chickpeas and sunflower seeds because I'm in my luteal phase so I want high-fiber foods

-A pinch of salt to taste

-Add everything over spinach

-Lemon + olive oil for dressing

Oh, and in true Pia Plate fashion, you can add sauerkraut or goat cheese to this too.


The best part of this recipe is that it's so fast. Chop up all the ingredients fine, add in a pan over heat with olive oil and garlic. I always talk about this Caraway pan but it really is the best. Add the bell peppers and tomato, stir in the turkey, put in a shit ton of parsley (my personal preference), add some mint and salt, continue to stir and chop. Add over spinach and you're done. Takes like 10 minutes to make this delicious and satisfying lunch. Easy to meal prep too, just store it in some glass containers to preserve freshness.




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    Coral Kessler | 06.20.2023 | 07:13PM

    Hi Pia! I made this recipe yesterday and my whole family (including a picky eater) went nuts for it. So thank you! Could you pretty please share the brand of the dress you’re wearing in the video? Or is it future LPA? It’s perfection. 💝