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Shopping for Carmela in January

By: Pia Baroncini

January 27, 2023

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Starting with Valentine's day decor for her room. I got this garland on Etsy and im obsessed.

I kind of want to keep it up all year long.

We are experimenting with cups. I got this one for her milk because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t spill. Also, if we run out of these Serenity Kid’s puffies she might murder me. They are currency around here. We also love these pouches if we are in a crunch.

products/pixelcut_3_fe8cc63f-a607-4777-b1ab-86d6a2bfb273.png products/pixelcut_3_fe8cc63f-a607-4777-b1ab-86d6a2bfb273.png
Spill Proof Sippy Cup
products/pixelcut_27_32a6e909-c56e-4020-966a-f371d91e89d9.png products/pixelcut_27_32a6e909-c56e-4020-966a-f371d91e89d9.png
Straw Trainer Cup

Cute letters and numbers for the bathtub

I love these socks. They are super warm per chance, but they are adorable and have grip on the bottom.

I got a bunch of plain white and cute colors. 

My fav butt paste, probiotics, and wipes

We are always in need of a scrunchie

They need PJ’s every four seconds because they get washed so often and used so much they get trashed.

I love these Amazon ones. The Gerber ones are cute too.


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  • A
    Alesia Veasman | 03.29.2023 | 10:27PM

    I bought the socks you recommended and love them! I’m going to buy another pair. x

  • S
    Susan Obeji | 02.08.2023 | 01:17AM

    Cute stuff. Try Hanna Anderson for Jammie’s. So cute and last forever!