Hi, I'm Pia.

Welcome my friends!

I’ve been working on a website concept for over three years. I spent a year building the previous site and then I realized it had no capabilities for linking to products, podcasts, YouTube, etc, and so I just stopped posting. But now here we are. This site is here to hopefully provide you with access to everything I discuss on Instagram and the podcast but in a searchable, aesthetically pleasing way. These things usually embarrass me for some reason? I mean I feel like I’m talking to myself. But if you’re reading this, well then, I hope you feel like I’m talking to you! I am honored, shocked and overwhelmed by this community. Thank you for coming here, thank you for always sharing your stories with me and for making this life I’m living feel not so alone. Please always let me know if there is anything you want more of! All my love!

xx P


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  • S
    Shianne | 11.08.2023 | 05:43PM

    P I’m 100% off the grid (minus Pinterest) & super missed your content! This site is 100% where I’ll be checking, love it!

  • M
    Maria | 11.08.2023 | 05:43PM

    Gorgeous photography. I’d love to spend a weekend in Montecito and check out all the places you mentioned.

  • A
    Anonymous | 05.24.2023 | 09:35PM

    Pia spoke at my career day, I was inspired by her story and decided to look at her website. Expectations were met!!!

  • K
    Kia | 03.29.2023 | 10:27PM

    Love your new pod but what happened to Pias Pod?

  • M
    Madeleine | 11.18.2022 | 10:26PM

    Hey Pia,

    Everything [Pia Baroncini] is the best! You, your great fashion/food/lifestyle content and these sweet glimpses of family life are such a gift in an often sour online world. Your originality and spunk really break through the noise and make your brands stand apart. Thanks so much for the the inspiration. Cheers from an east coast Italian! Keep doing your thing. Have the best holiday season with Davide, Carmela and Mama ❣️

  • G
    Gab | 10.04.2022 | 08:56PM

    Hi hi 🫶🏼 At this point my mom thinks you are my actual friend and we hangout and whatnot. Little does she know you’re just my internet big sister, who I feel so understood by and who embodies someone I’d like to be… Can’t wait to see you at your live show this weekend!! Love the website, came out soo cute.

  • C
    Che Casill | 09.27.2022 | 02:38AM

    Pia! Absolutely love your podcast and your IG. I appreciate all the research that you do and the knowledge that you share on your podcast. My favorite episodes are the recaps to your travel to Italy. Always gets me so inspired to one day travel to Italy someday.

  • M
    Mona R | 08.27.2022 | 07:17AM

    Auguri on your new site, Pia! Been following both you and Davide for a few years now, and I absolutely love the podcast and your content. Raw, effortlessly honest, and ever-so relatable.
    (Do you think you’d be open to posting PCOS-friendly meals/recipes you love on the website?) No pressure though. You’re doing enough!! Cheers from Montreal, take care :)

  • E
    Elise | 08.24.2022 | 02:10PM

    Hi Pia, I’m finding myself listening to your podcast in my everyday day and cackling as if a big sister was casually talking to me. You’re so inspiring, kind, and full of humour. I really love your view on things and how you handle your internet presence with transparency. You actually wear clothes I wanna wear and do things I want to do. You’re the best (all the time)!

  • A
    Allison J | 08.21.2022 | 09:37PM

    Semi-ok blog, for all the hype around it I was really expecting so much more?

  • Z
    Zeynep Taskin | 08.20.2022 | 11:46AM

    It’s so hard to find someone on Instagram who you almost trust like you would your sister with life advice, product recommendations and everything in between. I admire the transparency of your page and the unedited Pia moments and posts- not some curated Insta page to match colours, ads or whatever. Please don’t change this! Xx

  • M
    Meghan Williams | 08.20.2022 | 01:06AM

    I don’t think I’m more heavily influenced by any other person on instagram. I’m so excited for this site! Congrats!

  • B
    Blush | 08.20.2022 | 12:20AM

    Who has the time to post negative comments literally get a life. Anyway, I love that this site exists! I look to you for so much inspiration and constantly show my bf videos of you and David

  • A
    Allison Figueroa | 08.19.2022 | 05:12PM

    PIA! Thank you for being the big sister I never had. I actually submitted a Q for the pod a while back with a Q+A with you and Davide (signed, “a cougar with baby fever”)— An update, my relationship is thriving! And most importantly I feel no pressure to start a family sooner than it’s meant to happen. Ordering a Modern Fertility test ASAP! Thank you for your vulnerability, honesty and all the laughs. I can’t help but laugh & cry along with you while listening to the pod <3

  • C
    Carolina Fonseca | 08.19.2022 | 06:15AM

    Pia, Congratulations!!!
    You put some much out into the world with genuine and kind energy attached.
    Happy to be part of this tribe here and take in all the tips, all the food, all the travel, all of YOU. Sending love ❤️

  • I
    Isabel | 08.19.2022 | 06:02AM

    Congrats Pia! Personally, I still can’t get over your pod about body image; it was lovely. The part about going through puberty without a PCOS diagnosis absolutely resonated with me! More than anything I wish I could go back and inform teenage me on how to love and nourish my body. But better late than never… right?! For that I want to thank you. Thank you for making PCOS peeps feel seen. Your fierce vulnerability and honesty is the best!

    AND to the gross haters in the comments… eff off. Putting badass women down is embarrassing. The real hot girls lift others up and root for them.

  • H
    Heather S | 08.18.2022 | 09:30PM

    AHHHH I’ve been so excited for this day!!! This is the perfect way to access all the pieces of you we love most all in one place :) Thank you for sharing so much of your beautiful life and I cant wait to see what comes next! P.S. cant wait for your hospital bag deets to drop :)) Congratulations!!! Xoxoxox

  • M
    Melinda M | 08.18.2022 | 08:05PM

    I have been a long time follower of yours on IG and have always loved your approach to life, your realness. I’ve looked up to you a lot, and feel like I manifested the man I’ve met and the happiness I have in my new relationship thanks to what I’ve seen you have with Davide. This website looks fantastic and is so you, I’ve been looking forward to it. Thank you and congratulations!

  • E
    Eileen | 08.18.2022 | 03:41PM

    Lovely!! The whole design of this website is beautiful. This is like a grown-up extension of all your other platforms, bringing it all together and tying it up in a pretty package. I’m loving the “Essays” section so far. Hoping to be reading more and more from you. Congratulations on polishing your personal brand and giving us all something yummy to look at. Keep it up!

  • R
    Riley | 08.18.2022 | 02:40PM

    I don’t know you personally, but I love that this space exists. It’s like an accessible, personable space to connect. Very cool and looking forward to the pieces of your life you opt to share with us (also..ignore the haters!)

  • E
    EAntonio | 08.18.2022 | 02:10PM

    Auguri, Pia!!! 😍website! love following you, so many similarities from what you face and discuss in your socials/podcasts that I experience and I love hearing your findings on.. I especially love your intel on hormones/PCOS issues, thanks for not gatekeeping details on your successes. I feel at home with your Italia aesthetic & I love your olive oil, but the kitchen pink… ;) xx, Ciao ciao✨

  • L
    LexD | 08.18.2022 | 11:25AM

    Yes! So here for this ✨ Will be deep diving :) Also love love love the pod. Sending love from an Australian Italian in Dublin x LD

  • T
    Taylor | 08.18.2022 | 08:17AM

    Pia, I’m slightly cowardly can get TF off your page!! You are amazing and nothing short of it. They’re clearly struggling with self loathing and needed to take it out on you. To me you’re nothing but an inspiration and I look up to you all the time ❤️ Ciao Bella

  • C
    Casey Harmon | 08.18.2022 | 06:57AM

    Bravo!! You’re a light and inspiration to many and have been to me for years.
    Thanks for being brave and putting your authentic self out there. Keep it up babe!

  • R
    Rach | 08.18.2022 | 06:12AM

    First & foremost, genuinely c o n f u s e d as to who has the energy & negativity for comments like the previous (username i’m slightly cowardly – fitting?). Secondly, and more importantly… this website launch is so fabulous, as are you! Just listened to your new podcast today on body positivity, confidence, self love, and growth. Can’t thank you enough for these. I listen to them on my morning walks and feel like i’m listening to the cool older sister that I never had. Please continue to share & inspire the way that you do. You are so lovely, sending love & many thanks from canada, x