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Mini Nursery Tour + Changing Table Favs

By: Pia Baroncini

August 25, 2022

Its a lot.

Kid stuff is overwhelming. I am actively working on an excel spreadsheet of all my favorite items to have for their arrival/birth/hospital. There are a lot of things you need in the first few months that are crucial, but you just don’t need for very long. Which is, of course, frustrating. But alas, these little gifts of life require lots of stuff. In the meantime, here’s a little bit of her room and the things I love the most in it.

First, I started with an inspo photo. I don’t know the source, but it was a daybed in this beautiful room with curtains and matching pillows in a big floral print. So I started from the curtains. I ended up buying left over fabric from a friends brand, and had my mom sew them into curtains.

Second, I knew I wanted her to have an appreciation for objects, beginning with the items in her room, so I was thoughtful about “collecting” special pieces. The big armoire was a piece floating from room to room in our house, so I added a vintage crochet tablecloth from Etsy I cut into two pieces  inside the glass doors.

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For the daybed, I knew I wanted something that would eventually be her big girl bed so I found this Restoration Hardware trundle via Craigslist. I got some Parachute Pink sheets and I nap in there sometimes it’s so cozy. The dresser and chair are from an online auction, LiveAuctioneers, which is where I get a lot of our antiques. I didn’t want a glide, I wanted something we would have forever. The crib is from…wait for it…AMAZON. That’s right. Affordable and adorable. 

products/IMG_2487.png products/IMG_2487.png
Million Dollar Baby Classic
3-in-1 Convertible Metal Crib

Her changing table is really the masterpiece. From the moment we brought her home, Davide said “WOW - everything is just RIGHT HERE.”

So here are our changing table essentials:

Pehr changing pad cover, organic changing pad, & disposable pad covers- cuz kids are gross

Coterie diapers forever and always & the wipe warmer

Micellar water

This is the ultimate. When she poops, I open up that diaper and spray her down with micellar water before anything. It gets her squeaky clean. It’s my proudest trick. It’s also amazing to pump into a baby wipe to clean her off after she’s made a mess post meal.

Triple paste diaper cream

products/PNGimage-D39F6B0BDCCE-1.png products/PNGimage-D39F6B0BDCCE-1.png
Triple Paste
Diaper Rash Cream

Guys I was sent every diaper cream in the book. This is the best. She got a horrible diaper rash at 6 months and it was horrible. I don’t know why it’s called a rash when it's literally a wound. This healed it in hours. Now we use it everyday, and at 15 months she has yet to have another rash. 

Honest Company detangle spray & Tangle Teezer hair brush

A little teether & Frida baby thermometer

Pipette body cream, Gaia probiotics + vitamin D, & Baeo bare stick for her face and lips


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    Molly | 09.24.2022 | 05:05PM

    Hi Pia! You mentioned you are creating a spreadsheet of your must haves when baby is born. I am due in December and can’t wait to read that as I feel very unprepared! Thanks so much.