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Shopping for Carmela in August

By: Pia Baroncini

August 25, 2023

I buy a combo of Amazon everyday things and a few things that are special. Camela wears a lot of dresses that my mom made or bought for me, and so the more pricey things I consider to be investments for her kids one day (well that's how I like to justify it to myself). Also shoutout to this adorable strawberry print pajama set.

files/pixelcut_18_b4b5c253-31c1-4a13-9367-fdc0ccea0ed9.png files/pixelcut_18_b4b5c253-31c1-4a13-9367-fdc0ccea0ed9.png
Mud Kingdom
Strawberry Pajamas
files/pixelcut_102_ed2ae585-4034-49fa-9b7a-a132ea8bc341.png files/pixelcut_102_ed2ae585-4034-49fa-9b7a-a132ea8bc341.png
Mud Kingdom
Plaid Set
files/pixelcut_112_854eb58b-139d-40a2-9620-ecc5730c2e78.png files/pixelcut_112_854eb58b-139d-40a2-9620-ecc5730c2e78.png
Greypink pajama set
files/pixelcut_132_91f279e6-e446-432a-b86b-ab9b56f61f29.png files/pixelcut_132_91f279e6-e446-432a-b86b-ab9b56f61f29.png
Purple pajama set

We got some new shoes for school this month, along with our fav snacks and some cute sale stuff I couldn't resist. Also got some cute 'fits for our annual trip to Montecito. My mom got her a kitchen as a late birthday present, which we built and she LOVES. We got one that matched our kitchen knowing it would be in there for years to come. 

That's all for now. What are your favorite brands/places to shop for baby?


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