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Shopping for Carmela in March

By: Pia Baroncini

March 28, 2023

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They say kids don’t need much, and for the most part I agree? But like, damn they also need so much shit. She’s growing so fast we need new clothes every two months. I've saved almost everything for when I have kids again, so I’ve been putting everything in giant storage bins. Also, the toys.

She loves a toy for around a month, some of them more of course, but it’s been fascinating just to see develop so quickly - she moves on from toys so quickly. The toy she just can't get enough of is this walker thing that plays a very annoying “learning farm” song over and over. The second are magna tiles. They are expensive, but we have friends who have kids that are much older and still playing with them so they are a good investment. Regardless, she just loooooves them. Anyway, here’s other stuff we can’t live without and got for her recently!


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