Italy 2023, Part 1

By: Pia Baroncini

June 14, 2024

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Italy has been amazing. A really restful experience (for the most part) although the main thing I've realized is that I need to fucking learn Italian. Using Google translate to tell shopkeepers that I need to buy Carmela a replacement stroller was rough. Anyway I wanted to recap my trip so far in outfits. Fashion is a universal language right?

These Bottega Veneta glasses are on sale and they're so worth it. I bought them for my trip to Italy LAST summer and im still wearing them now. Also, there is nothing better than wearing an ankle bracelet on vacay.

Soccer jersey + these crochet shorts as a swim coverup = my uniform this entire trip.

This Norma Kamali dress is an amazing LBD but I also love folding it in half and wearing it as a skirt over my bikini.

Sleep attire but make it a beach coverup. Me and Carmela have matching versions of the Doen Ellen dress and it's honestly the sweetest thing.

files/pixelcut_72_3e929ff4-c5a6-46ad-9613-29fbf958918e.png files/pixelcut_72_3e929ff4-c5a6-46ad-9613-29fbf958918e.png
Norma Kamali
String Bra
files/pixelcut_33_e62fa8ab-c6f8-4b5e-94dd-57cb228c076d.png files/pixelcut_33_e62fa8ab-c6f8-4b5e-94dd-57cb228c076d.png
Norma Kamali
String Bottom
files/pixelcut_22_0311a11e-f378-4392-8da2-19faa7733a4c.png files/pixelcut_22_0311a11e-f378-4392-8da2-19faa7733a4c.png
New Balance
New Balance 990v3

Best pants ever (almost sold out in white but the green ones are great too). So comfortable and lightweight which is important because Italy is fucking hot. And by now I'm sure you know my obsession with letting my bra straps show through a white tank so im not even gonna explain it.


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