Thanks, it's vintage.

Shopping Vintage: The Real Real

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I get a lot of questions about what I'm wearing and a lot of the time, it's vintage.

One of my favorite sites for sourcing is The Real Real because the products are authenticated and their search function is so good. Makes it really easy to sort by size, brand, etc.

The other thing that a lot of people don't realize: YOU CAN RETURN A LOT OF THE ITEMS. It specifies in the listing if you can or not, but a lot of people have told me they're scared to shop TRR because they can't return their order but that's usually not true.

It's also a great source of inspiration even if you're not shopping. I like to think of it as a way to reimagine older pieces that I've had in my closet for a long long time. I'm going back to Italy at the end of August (we have a family wedding) and I'm starting to think about fall style. Here's everything I'm eyeing.


I don't think I have EVER paid full price for Manolo's. There are so many on the Real Real that come in basically brand new condition, and when I tell you they are sometimes 1/10th of the original price I'm not even kidding. You can get gorgeous pairs starting at around $75 and they usually aren't more than $200. Tons of sizing options too. It's fuckin' wild.

I'm currently into patent leather (these are so cute) and the great thing about this pricepoint is that I don't feel guilty buying trendier styles that I know I won't wear all the time, like these pink suede sandals or these gorgeous floral slingbacks.


There are brands I absolutely love that are on the pricier side like Khaite that I try finding on TRR. Sometimes I'll buy items in larger sizes with the intention of tailoring it, because even if I have to tailor it... that price will still be lower than what I would have originally paid. I'm trying to collect more little black dresses for fall and am obsessed with the neckline of this Khaite one (which is in legit brand new condition, original tags still on).


So. Much. Prada. It's insane. If you're thinking about splurging on a designer bag, I'm not saying you shouldn't treat yourself, but I definitely recommend taking a look at secondhand options on TRR. This shoulder bag is actually perfect.

There's also a ton of jewelry. I like splurging on pieces because I tend to wear the same jewelry everyday. This Cartier watch is so great, a statement piece that's timeless and won't clash with anything.