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A viewing party look.

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Ok so we got invited to the Elton John AIDS Foundation Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party. This was our second year attending. A wonderful human who works for the PR company happens to also be someone I worked with many many years ago - it’s always funny how life works in that way huh?

Last year I was nervous and felt uncomfortable and out of place, just kinda intimidated over all. But this year we felt so much better because we knew what to expect. We love dressing up and find it to be so romantic. So my momma watched Mela and we drove off to the event, watched Elton sing (which was incredible like whoa who would ever thought I’d see that), saw some wonderful people and took off early for some In n Out that way we could be cozy and full by 11.

Shenise Sheena from Mane Addicts did my hair and make-up. My dress was wildly provocative, so we tried to just be classic with everything else. I felt like myself and it lasted brilliantly. Here's the makeup breakdown.

First, we prepped my face. We used this erborian pore minimizer / primer and kept my hair back with these clips. Also used this Caudalie beauty mist to keep my skin from looking dry. Eye patches always.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Face Mist
Caudalie, $49
Pink Perfect Pore Minimizing Primer
erborian, $42
Hair Clips
Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
skyn, $34

Holy shit this Dior foundation is so good. The Nars concealer (I feel like it's all over TikTok again) basically got rid of my dark circles. She used a beautyblender to pat everything in. Everything was set with the Hourglass powder. And Rare Beauty contour stick for definition.

Backstage Face & Body Foundation
Dior, $40
Radiant Creamy Concealer
Nars, $32
Beautyblender, $17
Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Sticks
Rare Beauty, $26
Translucent Setting Powder
Hourglass, $49

We used the Dior face palette to give me some glow. Anastasia Beverly Hills for brows, Freck Beauty for mascara and Charlotte Tilbury for eyeliner. BTW, I'm wearing like a sort of dark burgundy eyeliner here (Pillow Talk shade).

Glow Face Palette
Dior, $45
Eyeliner - Pillow Talk Collection
Charlotte Tilbury, $29
Perfect Brow Pencil
Anastasia Beverly Hills, $23
Lashrocket Mascara
Freck Beauty, $26

My dress was Aya Muse and my shoes were the Manolos I got married in and wear whenever I need a neutral sandal. It was scandalous and my mom had to sew the ass part a little so it would stay up. I loved it. I also wore these Cosabella lace bikini underneath.

Bellico Dress
Aya Muse, $985
High Rise Bikini
Cosabella, $48

We ended the night with a romantic dinner at In n Out and were home by 11pm.


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  • K
    Kristina L | 05.24.2023 | 09:35PM

    I’ve been off IG for a few months but miss your content, so I visit your site every few weeks. You looked FREAKING FANTASTIC for Oscar night!!!! Wow, jaw drop. I would love a post about your cute nightgowns. I desperately need to elevate my nighttime wear.