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I hosted an intimate baby shower in my home and am still emotional days later about how loved baby Carlo already is. 

Side story: life is always hectic and I was so stressed during the leadup to the event. I went to Austin, TX for a Dear Media podcast event and then flew back to LA late Saturday night, aka a few hours before I would be hosting dozens of people in my home. The forecast was gloomy (as always happens when you’re hosting something outside I swear) and I was nervous the entire thing would get rained out.

Thankfully the sun ended up coming out and we didn’t have to move the party indoors, but here’s my point — there’s no use stressing over small shit because everything works out in the end and it’s a waste of time to think about the things you cannot control. Everything turned out beautifully and I felt so happy to be surrounded by family and best friends.

I wore the LPA Vania top (a little loose around the middle so great for a pregnancy belly) and Amalia skirt. Vania is also available in a midi dress! Hot take but I wish we stopped thinking of white clothes as something that should exclusively be worn for wedding things. I love wearing it for any special event and a baby shower obviously counts (exception here is don't be the asshole that wears white to someone else's wedding... please).

One of the highlights of my day was, I kid you not, La Morra’s take on the chicken caesar wrap. In case you haven’t seen my 9,000 stories about this, my biggest pregnancy craving has been chicken caesar wraps so this was literally a dream come true. (If you’re based in LA and looking for a caterer I cannot rec La Morra enough by the way. Amazing food and the kindest people.) We also had a bunch of fresh focaccia and olive oil, handmade gnocchi.. amazing. This gnocchi board is less than $10.

I get a lot of questions about all the shit I own and when it comes to home stuff, I've really made it a point to to curate piece by piece. A plate from the Rose Bowl flea or a wine glass you got on a trip many years ago... I love a mismatched approach. It makes everything in your home feel special. (Exception being like, spare wine glasses. Always good to have extra on hand and they don't have to be expensive ones. These are great, cheap, and look more fun than a traditional wine goblet.) I sourced some stuff at the bottom of this post!

We spread the most gorgeous flower arrangements around the backyard from Rose Lane farms. Their garden roses are STUNNING. It's LA's only garden rose farm.

Davide surprised me with flowers and we started dessert. By this point the sun had come out and it was a subtle reminder about how useless it was that I spent the morning stressed out about the forecast. Always works out in the end.

I have always felt so grateful to live in my childhood home, the home I grew up in. It's surreal that I have been able to raise Carmela here and that we'll be able to do the same with Carlo. This day felt like a celebration for not just me and Davide and our baby to be, but a celebration of the village and the home that will help raise and shape this child.