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Currently 39 weeks pregnant! My second time around means I feel significantly more prepared for Carlo than I did with Carmela (or at least as prepared as I can be). I started prepping my hospital bag a while ago because I knew these last few weeks would be tough. Got a ton of questions about it during my q&a on Instagram so I wanted to share!!! These are things that worked for me.

Medicated cooling pads and disposable underwear are going to be your best friends okay? Other staples: nipple cream and hoo ha spray. I never said this entire list was glamorous okay. As for my toiletry bag, I just want to feel fresh and clean. Best thing on this list is the air detox spray. When I had Carmela all the nurses kept complimenting how good the room smelled. I'm packing minimal makeup (in case I want to feel like a person) but the big things are deodorant, heavy moisturizer, toothbrush/toothpaste (I love this one from Risewell).

Supplements are also key and yes I personally take the supplements I recommend. Nutrafol for postpartum hair loss is the GOAT. I didn't lose any hair after Carmela because of this. LMNT for electrolytes and magnesium always.

I'll usually pack a nightgown for clothes and a few nursing bras though I love the Scoop bralette from Skims. The lace one is really pretty and comfortable.


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Drink LMNT
LMNT Electrolytes
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Okay this is not the best sale but I'll probably stock up anyway

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