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Went to visit Davide's family in Sicily before we welcome baby Carlo and then extended the trip and spent time in Ibiza. Here's the skin, makeup and hair stuff I used throughout the entire trip.

Starting with skin. My newest obsession is this castor oil roller - maybe the best $10 I've ever spent. I use it for literally everything. To keep my brows in place, to keep my nail beds moisturized, for my lips, etcetera.

Other newest obsession is the Naturium azelaic topical acid (had to spell check 10 times to make sure I spelled that right). This keeps me from breaking out which usually happens when I travel because I'm sweating all day.

Lots of minis that had enough product to last me the whole trip and then some: Bioderma micellar water which is cheap and effective, my favorite Kosas SPF in the cutest little bottle, Tower28 SOS spray, and the OSEA face cleanser.

Also this is not necessarily to pack but this self tanning mousse is so good.

Moving on to makeup and hair. I do not go on any trip without the Briogeo dry shampoo. It's a powder not a spray, which I think works a lot better and is supposed to be healthier (I am not a doc). I put a little bit in my roots before bed and I wake up and my hair looks freshly washed, and then I'll put in a little extra after I've styled my hair and you get a ton of volume. My hair is long but thin by the way so that's how you know this shit works.

For makeup I try to pack concealer, highlighter, etc. in stick form instead of liquid. Westman Atelier's foundation stick is great for heat because it's more of a creamy product. Covers super well (using it a lot now that I'm getting post-vacay melasma) but doesn't feel heavy. Lots of Charlotte: highlighter, contour, pressed powder.

For body and hair, I always talk about Briogeo's dry shampoo but the frizz line is also so good for when you're traveling and using hotel blow dryers (they suck). The conditioner and shampoo comes in travel sizes plus the blow dry cream helps hold keep my hair in place. Also rec the Sunday Riley body oil. Hydrating and has a light shimmer that's perfect for vacay.