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Packing Essentials

By: Pia Baroncini

September 16, 2022

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After much traveling, this is the stuff proven to be necessary.

We found a couple Rimoa suitcases on The Real Real, my god they are worth every penny. With the travel cubes and toiletry bag, I am good to go. I have some extra clear bags for carry-on items or products I’m scared will leak. 

For skin,

I love my Goop and Furtuna skin minis (also, they are much more affordable than full size so I always recommend buying the minis to test the products). I have Active Serum for all those travel pimples, the Kora mask to de-clog (I’ve already used it twice), 111 Skin sheet mask for brightening, and Caudelie spray + micellar wipes to keep fresh on the plane or during the day.

In terms of devices,

Long charging cords are essential for us for the plane, hotel rooms and rental cars, while the adapter allows multiple devices to charge at one time. We are now trying to film our trips for YouTube, and that Sony camera is highly recommended. Also, don’t travel without an AirTag - ever. 

I don’t wash my hair all that often, so Crown Affair Dry Shampoo (which is a powder) and hair clips keep me lookin cute. I keep my hairbrush on me at all times. 

products/IMG_3195.png products/IMG_3195.png
Crown Affair
The Dry Shampoo
products/PNGimage-733CCD1EAAC1-1.png products/PNGimage-733CCD1EAAC1-1.png
Crown Affair
The Brush No. 002
products/IMG_3214.png products/1A2B7462-4ED9-41EC-86C4-9F17059658FF.jpg
Crown Affair
The Air Dry Clips

Essentials for moisture are key - lip mask, a balm…I use Good body oil which I put in a silicon travel container, especially important for me as I don’t use the products provided by the hotel.

I never skip these goodies either

products/IMG_3208.png products/IMG_3208.png
Power Mist
$11.20* $16*

A necessity for when you have a toddler and a newborn trust me