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I’m not fucking around.

Whenever I travel or around big holidays, I am usually going off the rails with food and booze — and I'm pretty sure the reason I'm able to not feel like total shit is because I'm consistent with my supplements. Consistency is key. Warning: I take a lot of stuff and I’m not a doctor. I don’t need some comment on my podcast about not being relatable because of all the supplements I’m taking, let me live.

Here's the breakdown I swear by. This is not an ad, I take this stuff every day, and I really recommend it.

I start every morning with Kettle & Fire bone broth. I don't take this every day but whenever I feel a little sniffly or feel myself getting tired/on the verge of getting sick (which is common when you travel), I take the Cymbiotika immunity support and it helps SO much. Probiotics are another non-negotiable and I always take magnesium - keeps brain fog away.

I'm also really into the Moon Juice magnesi-om because it's a berry flavor. Actually tastes good (a lot of them taste like shit tbh). I also love the little Moonjuice variety packets in case I need some energy, some sleep, whatever while I'm traveling. Really easy to pack.

I swear by Fatty15. It is so damn good. And Nutrafol is SO GOOD for my hair. It's thickened it so much and I see an immediate difference when I stop using it. This was super super helpful after I had Carmela because I definitely experienced fourth trimester hair loss. Also took Perelel conception support pack leading up to my pregnancy with Carlo.

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Nutrafol Women

I've been trying to limit the amount of coffee I drink because I'm realizing that it sometimes makes me jittery and leads to crashes throughout the day, but I still like starting my mornings with a little boost of energy.

This Pique matcha packet is delicious and easy to carry around in my bag, then I'll add the unflavored Armra superfood supplement as a preventative so I don't get sick. And if I'm not in the mood for matcha or want another midday drink, I'll combine the blood orange Armra supplement with water. Tastes great, not medicine-y or anything.

Eating sweets in the morning can make me feel super sick (like yeah chocolate croissants taste great but my body is just not used to it). So adding Bulletproof to an Americano is a great option if I want to skip a sugary breakfast — I feel like adding this also makes me sip my coffee when I drink it (I've been trying to cut back) but this stops me from chugging a shit ton of caffeine in like three seconds.

Then there's my digestion in general. The Supergut daily probitioc mix is great and I love mixing it into oatmeal or smoothies or flavored drinks (you can also have it with water because it's tasteless). I always bring Sakara Metabolism Super Powder and chia seeds. These are the prods that really get things going if you know what I mean. You're welcome.