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Supplements - Travel Edition

By: Pia Baroncini

September 22, 2022

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I’m not fucking around.

If you’re going to go off the rails food and booze-wise, you need to at least keep your supplements consistent. Consistency is key. Trigger warning: I take a lot of stuff and I’m not a doctor. I don’t need some comment on my podcast about not being relatable because of all the supplements I’m taking, let me live.

Ok here’s my breakdown:

I swear by Fatty15. It is so damn good. The PCOS Support from Perelel is also fire. It levels my blood sugar and hormones and I can’t live without it. And Nutrafol is SO GOOD for my hair. It's thickened it so much and I see a difference when I stop using it.

products/PNGimage-B48685ACC188-1.png products/PNGimage-B48685ACC188-1.png

Save $20 on a 6-month supply (originally $239, now $219)

products/IMG_2764.png products/IMG_2764.png
PCOS Support
$44 $54

20% off subscriptions.

products/IMG_3431.png products/IMG_3431.png
Conception Support Pack
$39.60 $49.50

20% off subscriptions.

products/IMG_3424.png products/IMG_3424.png
Nutrafol Women

I bring a vitamin c always incase I get sick.

Probiotics are a non-negotiable.

Athletic Greens is a 10. I haven’t eaten a green in 10 days and don’t feel bad about it because I have my AG1. I take it first thing and I swear it settles my stomach and helps me digest

Moonjuice Super You makes me so happy. Helps with travel stress big time.

Eating sweets in the morning can make me feel super sick, and this is a sugar forward country. So adding Bulletproof to an Americano is a great option if I want to skip a sugary breakfast. 

To help with digestion, I always bring Sakara Metabolism Super Powder and chia seeds. Your welcome.

I’m a big magnesium girl so I bring the packets if I need to save room. The Moonjuice magnesium is the best if you can fit it in your bag. 

I also love the little Moonjuice variety packets in case I need some energy, some sleep, whatever.