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By: Pia Baroncini

October 05, 2022

This is the reason I wanted to have a podcast. Being able to share information that might help you or someone you love is truly an honor - and this is a good one. An old friend reached out to me saying she was taking a supplement to help with PCOS symptoms. Intrigued, I looked up Fatty15 and my mind was blown. Stephanie Venn-Watson, a veterinary  epidemiologist, was working in public health when she got a call from the Navy to assist in their dolphin program. They had noticed some of their dolphins were living into their 50’s - also double the usual lifespan - and wanted to know why. After tons of research, Stephanie made a discovery, and it’s called C15. Enjoy!!

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Buy it Here:

products/PNGimage-B48685ACC188-1.png products/PNGimage-B48685ACC188-1.png

Use discount code Pia10 for an additional 10% off (valid through Oct)

Fatty15 has endless benefits, but here are a few:

• Better metabolic, heart, liver & immune health

• More energy & healthier skin

• Calmer mood & deeper sleep

Listen to their TedTalk here.


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    Marialissa | 10.11.2022 | 07:07PM

    So excited to try this