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Brandi is great. For over two decades, she’s been helping new families through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and just the overall adjustment to new life. She’s a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Newborn Care Specialist and has a Master of Social Work from USC. In 2009, she opened The Cradle Company as a resource center for pregnancy and postpartum. She also founded the National Association of Birth Workers of Color. In this episode we discuss how she balances international travel and relocation with her husband and three children, how she had her six week old sleeping through the night, tips for advocating for yourself in the hospital, breastfeeding and what gentle parenting is. Brandi has the coolest energy, the energy you want during this process. She is absolutely who I will be working with for my next pregnancy and postpartum journey because she just gets it - her power is just so soothing. Enjoy!

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