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Tina Anderson was a trial lawyer, who spent endless hours, six days a week, working non-stop. Realizing her job was not fulfilling, she left to go in-house for a pharmaceutical company, where unfortunately, she learned the harsh realities of the industry. Her work was no longer in line with her morals, and it was time for a change. Tina and her husband had been wanting to get into preventative medicine, but didn’t know how. By chance, an amazing opportunity was literally handed to them and BOOM - with three young kids, and a lot of faith, they quit their jobs and used their savings to launch Just Thrive. Just Thrive is a clinically proven and research-backed superior probiotic strain by renowned researcher Dr. Simon Cutting. In this episode, we discuss the results of these clinical tests, and just how absolutely necessary these probiotics are for our overall health. We also discuss the gut brain connection - and this is where my mind was blown - because most of our serotonin is MADE IN THE GUT. Who knew? I didn’t. This episode is full of vital info you need to know about your bod! So tune in, take your probiotics and please send this to anyone you love!

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