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Insalata della Nonna

Insalata della Nonna

I recently did a recipe newsletter for Doen (one of my favorite brands, I literally always wear them) and I wantd to share the recipe here. This is Insalata della Nonna, a really simple and refreshing Sicilian tomato salad that's perfect for when it's super hot. It's delicious, takes three seconds, and you don't need a ton of ingredients.


-tomatoes (the freshest you can find)
-red onion
-good olive oil (Baronciniiiiii)
-ricotta salata

The salad should be customized to your liking so measure with your heart. Chop the tomatoes, add a ton of onion (sliced as thin as possible so it doesn't overpower the tomato), and then add the dried oregano. Toss everything with a bit of olive oil and top with thin slices of ricotta salata. You can easily add a protein to this or any other ingredients you'd like. It's the perfect thing to serve to guests too because it's delicious but SO fast.


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