This linguine al limone is a light date night pasta perfect for summer. It's Davide's spin on lemon pasta and we know it's not exactly like the one at Lil' Frankie's. That's the point.


-lots of basil
-good olive oil
-red Calabrian chilli peppers
-pecorino romano

You're gonna cook the pasta as if it were a risotto. Have a large bowl of water, boil the water (no salt!!!), and then peel the lemon into boiling water (this will also make your kitchen smell SO fucking nice for days). The water will turn a subtle yellow color. Make sure you're only putting the skin of the lemon, not lemon juice yet.

Press garlic cloves using the back of a chef knife, then add it into a pan with olive oil. Add parsley, then a few anchovies, then basil to the pan. Chop and add chilli then put lemon skin slices into the pan. These skin slices should be super thin and ideally you get the least amount of white as possible. Finish this off with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Now unlike most pasta recipes, this one doesn't use butter. It's supposed to be really light and perfect for summer and the lemon flavor should show through (BTW unrelated to the recipe but I'm wearing the LPA Vanetta mini dress).

What will give this recipe a hint of creamy texture will be the pasta water. Keep the soffritto pan moving while it's on low heat - you're then gonna take out the parsley and add the pasta directly into the pan on low heat, then add a few scoops of the boiling water directly to the pan. Don't move the pasta!! Keep it as is for a minute then move to high heat. Now add a little bit of salt and move it to medium height.

You're then gonna add about two cups of pecoroni to a bowl with lemon zest. We can then move the garlic from the pan and very very very gently start moving the pasta. Add a little more salt and some more water. Than remove the lemon skin peels. NOW FINALLY you start adding some lemon juice and keep the pasta moving. Then add zest!

To make this more personalized I rec adding lemon juice and zest little by little. Add another scoop of that boiling water and a little more salt! Fire off and let it cool down before you add pecorino and a little more lemon juice.

Finish off with a little zest for garnish and voila, you're done. This isn't a "quick" recipe but it's a fun one to make for a date night at home and it has a really unique flavor.

Here's the full video! Enjoy.

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