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I have a weird obsession with being soft. I remember it starting in like 5th grade when I felt my best friend Kate’s skin and thinking SHIT I DON’T FEEL LIKE THAT. I also get those frustrating little bumps on the back on my arms and thighs, and the only thing I find that really helps is tons of exfoliation. Here are a few things I do almost everyday to keep my skin smooth.

Dry Brushing

You should really implement this into your program my people. Dry brushing, for me, provides a boost of energy. You can immediately feel your circulation improve whilst watching your skin fly off your body. It’s extremely beneficial during a detox because, if done correctly, it aids in lymphatic drainage. Here is a little breakdown of the “correct way” to dry brush so you’re getting all the benefits. I do this everyday on my dry skiing before I jump in the shower, and followed by a peppermint cleanser like Dr. Bronners, you’re at the full spa. Any ‘ol dry brush will do, but if you want to level up, this copper brush is my absolute favorite. 

Here is a little breakdown of the “correct way” to dry brush so you’re getting all the benefits.

Dry brushing is one of those rare things that feels just as good when you do it yourself as when someone else does it to you, and it’s incredibly easy to incorporate into your routine. Most experts recommend dry brushing in the morning rather than before bed because they believe it has energizing qualities.

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Korean Exfoliating Mitten

Pre Corona, I would frequent the Korean spa often. For a very affordable price, you can have a day pass for the sauna and cold plunge, and treat yourself to an hour of what refer to as getting “fully detailed”. An angel woman would use this little cloth to scrub every corner and crevice of your body while CHUNKS of dead skin fly off. The best part? A pack of 14 is under $20. They have various strengths - pink the softest, green is the most common, and blue is the strongest. In a dream world, you soak in a bath to get your skin soft  enough to sluff off. In reality, I use them way more than I should (almost daily, but technically you want to use like once or twice a week) and I use a face or body wash with salicylic acid on my chest, back, arms and back of thighs to prevent or treat acne and those lil bumps I hate. Avoid your face at all costs my dudes. It’s way too abrasive for your tender plump skin up there. *pro tip* Always do this before a spray tan. 

Lotions and Oils

Did you know you have 60 seconds post shower to apply your body creams for ultimate absorption? Me neither. So I do a few things. I like to switch up what I’m using, sometimes it's my personal mixture of oils, sometimes it’s a serum and sometimes a lotion, but I keep them right outside my shower. I quickly pat down my body of excess water, (you don't need to get fully dry) and before I was pregs I put on whatever moisturizer I feel for the day and put on my robe. My momma taught me that. My favorites right now are Goop, Necessaire, Osea, Uma, Mutha. Otherwise I mix sweet almond oil with jojoba or rosehip oil and add whatever essential oils I feel like. Pregnant Pia rubs her boobies, tummy, back and thighs oil such as Organic Pharmacy Stretch Mark Oil, Hatch or Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil and then I cover it up with Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion for stretch marks. 

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