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Hi if you're here from TikTok. I've gotten a lot of questions about my morning pregnancy skincare routine (made a post about travel version here if you need packing inspo). My morning routine is simple for the most part especially in the morning when I have a million things going on. I'm also 5 weeks away from giving birth so my patience is 0. Anyway this is what I'm using:

Tower28 spray: don't come at me for this but I don't wash my face in the morning. I'm too lazy and also I feel like it makes my skin more dry so I use this spray instead. I had bad acne when I was pregnant with Carmela and I swear this has stopped me from getting breakouts during this pregnancy.

Skinceuticals vitamin c: this shit is incredible. I forgot who recommended it to me but it's worth every penny.

Kosas Dreambeam: this is a great SPF if you want some coverage. A quick way to blur redness or breakouts and it's a clean brand.

Sunday Riley Good Genes: this brand makes a lot of great pregnancy-safe products and this lactic acid is one is my favorites.

U Beauty Super hydrator: yes it's worth it. My skin has been so dry during this pregnancy and this is the only thing I've found that keeps it consistently hydrated.

Castor oil: I LOVE THIS. I use it all the time. Randomly found it on amazon but I use it on my belly button when not pregnant, I put it on my brows for hair growth, use it as an eye cream, lip balm... and it's so cheap and has a lot of product inside. Roll-on makes it easy to pack or bring with you.

Briogeo dry shampoo: know you're sick of hearing me say this but this is the best dry shampoo period. On top of that it's clean ingredients. I have thin hair that gets greasy quick and this makes a HUGE difference.

Lyma light: okay this has been great during my pregnancy. Expensive for sure but it's worth it. All my injections have worn off and this has helped with all lines around my mouth and eyes. I use it every night and will probably continue to do so after I've given birth too.

Saltyface tanning water: unbelievable. Spray into the brush and contour your face. It's not orange and it does. not. smell. Magic. This and the foam for your body is the best clean tanning product I've ever used.